About The Bureau

Our Mandate

The Bureau of Apocalypse Wars is a not-for-profit society seeking to unite communities around the world through a shared desire to help those in need.

At Apocalypse Wars, we focus on local charities that are less likely to receive large amounts of funding, allowing us to make a larger impact; strive to encourage creativity in people of all ages; and offer fun activates that inspire engagement.

Our Activities

Each year, our Board of Directors chooses a theme on which to base the years’ activities. Over the past few years, the Board has elected to base our activities on zombie popular culture.

By capitalizing on pop culture trends, we engage a younger demographic in community outreach, inspiring confidence and compassion, paving the way for future leaders. Apocalypse Wars activities are fun and engaging, making it easy to participate, and ultimately to donate to those in need.

Through the generous support of our partners, all proceeds raised through events go to support charities in the areas we serve!


‘The War’
Apocalypse Wars’ flagship event, is “The War,” a capture-the-flag-style game of humans against a popular culture foe du jour. The last two years, our flagship event has been “Apocalypse Wars: The Running Dead” where participants opted to be human Hunters or hordes of Zombies. The Hunters must go into Zombie-infested territory to retrieve a cure within a critical time-frame to save the world. Proceeds from ticket sales, donations and sponsorships go to that year’s feature charities.

Workshops, Education and Other Parties
Throughout the year, Apocalypse Wars continually engages in activities to help foster education and the arts. Apocalypse Wars has worked with the Calgary Mini Maker Faire, Telus SPARK and various other organizations to create workshops, design children’s programming and activities and throw fundraising events in benefit of a handful of local charities and organizations like Inn From the Cold, Goodwill and the Mustard Seed.

Around the Globe

Wales, UK
Headed up by Angela Muir, the Apocalypse Wars Wales office will host their first Apocalypse Wars: The Running Dead in fall of 2013 in support of local UK charities. The Apocalypse Wars team is thrilled to expand overseas to help other local communities.