$4,000 Raised for Local Communities!

Apocalypse Wars raises funds for smaller Calgary charities

The math is done and the numbers are in and in the 2013 War we hit $4,000 in benefit of our communities! “This is great news,” Tara McLaughlin, Apocalypse Wars Founder says. “Ticket sales this year were down due to the flood and the fact that we raised the same amount this year as in previous years goes to show how generous Calgarians really are. I am so proud.”

Every year, Apocalypse Wars chooses two charities where they can donate ticket sale proceeds. This year, 100% of the proceeds from the war will go to Brown Bagging it for Calgary’s Kids and the HOPE Foundation.

After the floods in late June, Brown Bagging it lost all of their stock for making lunches for underprivileged children in the Calgary area. “We lost everything,” spokesperson Sieuwke Kozielski said. “We need to restock completely so everything helps.” HOPE Foundation was also affected by the flood and had to move their shelters to areas outside the core during July.

Thank you Calgary! Your generosity and enthusiasm has helped contribute to a brighter community!The Apocalypse Wars Team

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